here's a tiny sample of our 7" Iron Oxide

Print-through Del Eilers 3M if it could really be effective without being destructive. Exercising the tape serious oversaturation recording drift from adjacent layer contact normally loud signal Spoken word recordings dry ambience print through nightmare. > The expert print-through Neal Bertram. Research Physicist Ampex 33 page article > print-through October 1980 issue Journal of the Audio > Engineering Society Head of the Center for Magnetic > Recording Research at U.C. San Diego > Print-through is caused by "thermal idiots"--magnetic particles > that didn't > line up when told to by the field of the recording head. Thermal > idiots > weak particles magnetic dipole orientation changed > easily Stud3r machines magnetic > erase powerful enough neutralize > problem dipoles > thermal idiots can > random orientation mechanical shock high-speed passes tape > recorder >reduce the print-through. > turns in the tape stress the tape. > Magnetic Tape Recording Alternating Current Magnetic Flux Polarity Gap Domains Metallic Oxide Thermal Idiots Magnetic Tape Oxide Back Coating Base Binder solution Standard Low Noise Hi Output Type I Type II Type III metallic Parts of the Tape Deck Supply Reel Take-up Reel Torque Idler Wheel Capstan Pinch Roller Scrape Filter Tension Arm Tape Head Formats Full Track Half Track Half Track Stereo Quarter Track Stereo Four Track Tape Speeds Irregularities Print Thru Heads Out Tails Out Pre-echo Post-echo Drop Outs Wow Flutter Scrape Flutter Head Alignment Azimuth Zenith